Ocean Freight

At Client’s request we arrange the carriage of goods by sea and perform all kinds of port operations. Every order is supported by delivery or pick up and customs clearance in a network of customs agencies cooperating with us. In this way we provide a comprehensive “door to door” supply chain management.

We organize the supply of goods for containerized shipments (FCL), loose cargo (LCL), and oversized load. Adjusting to the needs and trends on the Polish market, which requires a rapid and cheap transport, we also offer combined transport, insurance at customer’s request and the arrangement of sea charters.

Using the service, “track-trace” we can monitor the shipment via a web browser. This system allows you to manage a commodity at a single consignment, which gives you the possibility of individual traffic control of the goods.

We ship in any direction and on any terms of delivery. We adjust to the needs of both small businesses and international corporations. We find the optimal solution regardless of whether at any given time the more important is express delivery or low cost.