Transport of Dangerous Goods

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All kinds of chemical products have to be delivered to their destination safely. The basis of dangerous goods transport is to follow the regulations of transport of dangerous goods set by the UN Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods. The outcome of their work has been a document, Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods. The document includes rules of classification of dangerous goods, the conditions and ways of transportation, documents required during transport, information about personnel training, appropriate marking of shipments, necessary equipment for such transportation and the requirements for the drivers themselves.
If you are planning to transport dangerous goods yourself, becoming familiar with the regulations is a necessity. For any kind of transport, you should pay a lot of attention to the regulations and technical instructions. In majority of cases, the regulations are based on similar models, and there are changes between them, and it would be best to become familiar with them. The most frequent changes include the way in which the package should is to be prepared, the diversity of mandatory documentation, and so on. It often happens that the transport is stopped and certain point because of a lack of necessary documentation or markings, and that means extra costs for demurrage, warehousing, and penalties.
That is why training of your workers responsible for documents collection and preparation of necessary documents. Please note that you would also need the right certificates and permissions. You should also take into account that transportation of dangerous goods you are also accountable for the environment and people around you.