How Important Will the 2018 Climate Change Summit Be for Transport?

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United Nations’ Climate Change Summit is planned for 2018, and will most probably deal with making the global politics adhere to environmental decrees of the EU. That is also going to be the main challenge for the Environment Ministry this year. Last November, it has been established that the Summit is going to take place in Poland – it will be the 3rd of its kind, previous ones have been organized in Poznan in 2008 and in Warsaw in 2013.
Main subjects are going to include reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and forests’ CO2 absorption. It has been set as such as an alternative to standard model from the past that only aimed at total decarbonisation of countries’ economies. Current model is going to be based on keeping the balance between CO2 emissions and the absorption of it, and that could have positive outcomes for Polish mining industry as well as transport that is bound to mines and refineries themselves. It is could also be beneficial for railroad transport.
According to the ministry, Polish climatic policy is going to be set upon the notion of reducing emissions, and – at the same time – taking care of the forest that absorb the CO2. Geothermal energy is also going to be on the roster. Forest rangers agree that such a plan is possible, but some extra tree species will have to be planted in higher numbers to meet the plan’s tenets. At the same time, deforestation is going to be curbed.
It is also worth to mention that the Ministry of Environment does not agree with the opinion that reduction of CO2 emissions would be more efficient the curbing, the more expensive the energy is going to get. If that is true, it would mean that the costs of transport are not going to rise, and that forests are going to spread.
To sum up, transport industry is in general positive about the 2018 Climate Change Summit, but on condition that Poland will not have problems with balancing the emission/absorption equation. For the moment, it looks like the Polish CO2 emission is going to be the main problem for the Polish economy, since Poland emits large amounts of CO2 into the Earth’s atmosphere.