What Factors Will Make the Prices for Logistical Services Rise in 2017?

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Costs of logistical services are constantly on the rise and it is not a new trend. However, there is something that is new – EU regulations that destabilize the transportation market in Eastern and Central Europe.
In 2015, Germany has introduced a law that requires transport companies to pay minimal way to its drivers within their borders, and such law has also been passed in Norway, France, Austria and in Italy. Wages seem to be the factor in which changes are made on regular basis. Changes are meant to equalize the salaries for truck drivers and force them to fulfill new, European regulations. Such strings of regulations entail complications, and it very often happens that a single transport leads through a few countries – and each of them follows different rules.
It seems impossible to compile one document that will at the same time be flexible and clear enough to fulfill the EU requirements. Another problem is the rate at which the transportation takes place, since they are not equal at all times; it may happen that a driver transporting goods to the Western countries earns 50% more than the one transporting goods to the East. The weekly work schedules also vary, and the same problem occurs when talking about holidays and overhour limits. Inconsistent rules are also present in forms of employment contracts, since they also depend on which country you are in.
As you may see, the directives forced on transport companies cause a lot of problems, and there are many variables when dealing with them. It is not hard to make a mistake, and penalties for those mistakes can be very high, for example 500 000 Euro in Germany and France. It has not been established what the application of dues (contributions) for social insurance is going to look like, since the driver may visit many countries within one month. There are too many unknowns in the whole project, and – according to experts – the project will not be rejected, and only some points are going to be clarified.
However, it does not change the fact that the transport is going to be a more expensive investment in the future, and that transport companies will have to deal with and solve a lot of problems with bureaucracy.